About Amend Inc.

AMEND is a nonprofit organization working to end domestic violence by providing counseling to men who have been abusive, advocacy and support to their partners and children, and education to the community.

AMEND’s mission is to help men stop their violence and break the cycle of abuse so that they and their partners, children, and families may live in safe and peaceful homes.

AMEND’s philosophy of treatment centers around responsibility: we are responsible for what we feel, how we act, and the consequences of our actions.

Many men who abuse their intimate partners feel that they have been provoked to be violent, that what they did wasn’t really so bad, that anyone would have done the same, or that the whole event was caused by the police or someone outside the family.

At AMEND, we know that minimizing and denying violent behavior is really the same as deciding to continue to be violent towards your partner.

We encourage you to browse our web site to:

  • Become informed on new issues.
  • Become inspired by what you learn.

And then, take whatever steps you can to make a difference.

Please contact us if you need help, to volunteer your time and talents, or to make a tax-deductible contribution.